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Enterprise Applications at UVA

Your Steps to Enterprise Applications Systems Access

UVA employees and their supervisors: Follow the steps below to gain access to Enterprise Applications systems (HR/Finance, Student Information System, Document Imaging System [ImageNow]).

Non-UVA Employees: Instructions for Medical Center, Foundation, and ROTC employees & Students »

Step 1: Choose Responsibilities

The supervisor and employee determine what system access the employee needs to do his or her job and what responsibility(s) to request.

Review the toolkits below for lists of system responsibilities and descriptions (choose the responsibility(s) that most closely align with the employee's job duties).

Contact the appropriate personnel familiar with the responsibilities for assistance:

Step 2: Request Responsibilities

The supervisor, employee, or departmental data access approver submits the request for system responsibility(s) via ESHARP.

Step 3: Complete Training

  • Before enrolling, find out the names of the Learning Path the employee needs to complete. Use the toolkits in Step 1 to search for each responsibility requested in Step 2, and view the appropriate "Responsibilities and Training" toolkit table.
  • To ensure successful completion of a Learning Path for a responsibility, the employee should print and follow the Instructions for Completing a Learning Path.
  • Contact the system trainers for questions regarding training.

Step 4: Accept Responsibilities

Accept your system responsibility(s) via ESHARP.

Step 5: Prepare Computer for Access

The LSP or the employee (if there is not a departmental computer support person) prepares the employee's computer for access:

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